Radiance Women's Wellness has CLOSED!

Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP is providing women's health care services at Community Health Care, with the Women's Health Clinic, in Tacoma, WA and is able to accept new patients in that setting. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition!

Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP supports and promotes women's health for optimal well being through personalized care to meet your preventative and women's health concerns across the lifespan. This includes but is not limited to preventative wellness visits, family planning, contraception, preconception care, infection screening/treatment, breast and cervical health and miscarriage management. You are now able to obtain routine women's health, obstetric and gynecologic healthcare services in a welcoming and empowering environment - you do not need to be seeking pregnancy or currently pregnant to receive comprehensive nurse midwifery care!

Empowered care begins with you! Your participation is essential throughout every aspect of your care.

You have many choices in who provides your "well woman" health care. You can receive care from a doctor, such as a gynecologist, or an advanced practice nurse, such as a nurse midwife or nurse practitioner. Often, naturopathic physicians also incorporate women's wellness into the services they provide. While each of these providers has unique skills and expertise that span the spectrum from highly specialized to generalist, they can all provide quality well woman care. Finding the provider type whose philosophy of care and values most closely meet yours and your needs is what is most important.

Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP facilitates "shared-decision making" where you are provided access to high-quality, up-to-date information about your health status and conditions, opportunities to discuss risks, benefits, alternatives and limits of scientific knowledge, and an opportunity to review your values and preferences.

If you are seeking empowered care provided in a comfortable and welcoming space, Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP is the provider for you! Visit her at one of 3 Community Health Care locations in Tacoma and experience receiving your care in a supportive, empowering and individualized way!

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Family Planning

Receive comprehensive information on all available family planning methods (also known as contraceptives and birth control) and support in choosing the method that is right for you!


Intrauterine devices (IUD's) are a safe and highly effective method of long term reversible contraception. Despite being able to rely on them for many years, you can also remove them whenever you are ready to move to the next stage of your reproductive life.


It is currently recommended that you have an annual "well woman" preventative visit. This offers an opportunity for cervical and breast cancer screening, updates on general health status, contraceptive needs and reproductive life planning.


Many labs are available on-site, including several that test for common infections. Most others are collected on-site and sent away to an outside lab for results - saving you valuable time!


Problem visits address issues ranging from infections in the urinary tract, genital region and breasts to menstrual concerns.



While labor and birth support are not available at this time, Radiance Women's Wellness offers prenatal and postpartum care and care during breastfeeding. Counseling and support for miscarriage as well as expectant and medication management are available. Assessment, diagnosis, management and referrals (when indicated) are offered for problems experienced throughout pregnancy.


All are welcome here, this is a safe place.

Enjoy accessible and convenient women's health now in Tacoma!

Radiance Women's Wellness

Office of Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP

BA/BS—The Evergreen State College—2008
BSN—University of Washington—2009
MN—University of Washington—2012
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As a Certified Nurse Midwife and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP,  has practiced clinically providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health, including limited maternity care, as well as in a trainer capacity with Training, Education and Advocacy in Miscarriage Management (TEAMM) since earning her Master in Nursing degree from the Nurse Midwifery Education Program at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. In establishing her own practice with Radiance Women's Wellness, she wanted to enhance the quality care she provides by ensuring continuity of care as a solo provider and increasing the amount of time she can spend in visits with you - ultimately building stronger relationships and being more accessible than in a standard practice environment. She started seeing clients at her current location in the fall of 2014 where she provides compassionate and personalized care that aligns with current standards and evidence in women's health. She acknowledges the context of your life experiences and understanding and works to develop care plans in partnership with you!

Her journey as a doula formally began in 2003 and concluded after serving 2 years as the coordinator for the University of Washington Medical Center Doula Care Program. Also during this time, and prior to her degree in advanced practice nursing, she earned Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Washington and a dual degree, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts, from The Evergreen State College. She has studied maternal, sexual and reproductive health in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands and here in the United States.



"My experience with Radiance Women's Wellness has been nothing short of a wonderful experience. After becoming pregnant I searched through my insurance company to find a doctor. After much consideration, I wanted to find a healthcare provider that gave me a personalized experience. From my first appointment with Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP I knew she was the right person for my prenatal care.
Tara was very accommodating to my unique pregnancy situation and my schedule. Constantly traveling for work, Tara gave me tips and information about the best care for my baby and my body. She was always available via phone to answer any questions that I may have had. She also provided reading literature to give me more insight about pregnancy.
I cherish Tara Cardinal's passion and knowledge for midwifery. I highly recommend her for anyone who would like to feel highly cared for; and anyone who would like to have their appointments tailored to them, to contact her. She has made my pregnancy the best that one could ask for."

Tara's nurturing spirit and compassionate warmth are frequently recognized and commented on by clients and colleagues alike!

"Best experience ever! Thank you Tara and company!"

"I wanted to say thank you so much, I had a great experience. I felt so respected and cared about."

"Tara's support was consistent ... her presence during labor helped me stay relatively calm when I was frightened and her emotional support was irreplaceable."


"Looking back on my labor, I realize how much my team was focused on me and my baby - not on their own convenience or protocols."

"I was impressed!"


Recognized at the organizational level for "delivering exceptional customer service" to patients!

Visit Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP in Tacoma at Community Health Care Women's Health Clinic


Hilltop Clinic

1202 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Tacoma, WA 98405

Ph: (253) 597-3813




Eastside Clinic

1708 E 44th St.

Tacoma, WA 98404

Ph: (253) 471-4553

Lakewood Clinic

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